Confidence in our performance and intensive exchange of experience and ideas generate solutions for the future.

At ESPA Connector Technology quality begins in the planning and development phase and continues through all the stages of production right to the finished product ready for delivery.

At ESPA Connector Technology we believe in providing solutions to market requirements with the aim of adapting to the clients needs and providing them with the most cost effective solutions

We offer to our customers
  • 15 years experience in our field in S.A market.

  • A comprehensive range of locally manufactured and imported terminals and connectors.

  • Manufacture of high volume precision metal stampings to customer spec.

  • Stockholding.

  • Locally manufactured production tools.

  • Locally and imported crimping tools.

  • Innovative and flexible approach to new developments.

  • ISO 9001:2000 certified.


, is well known for their quality and high standards
in the motor and domestic electrical connector industry, and have been in South Africa since 1980.
During this time the company underwent a name change to
Grote & Hartmann SA (Pty) Ltd, but reverted back to ESPA Connector Technology (Pty) Ltd at the beginning of 2005 when, together with existing staff, they underwent a management buy out.